The ability to query patient data on your own can be helpful. i2b2 provides a de-identified view of UNC Health Care data so you can determine feasibility for trials and explore potential cohorts in a safe-harbor "sandbox."

About i2b2

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i2b2 is a web application designed to improve your research experience. i2b2 links with the Carolina Data Warehouse for Health and allows UNC investigators to explore and query deidentified, aggregate data.

i2b2 helps you get the data you need faster. If you need a count of patients who may qualify for a study, you can input your inclusion/exclusion criteria and get a count back on your own without needing to make a request to a CDW analyst. Once you identify your cohort, assuming regulatory approval, you can work with a CDW analyst to get additional information about those patients.

i2b2 Training

NC TraCS provides a self-paced, online training program to introduce you to i2b2 and teach you how to get the most out of it. In the training, we will go over what i2b2 is, what data are available in i2b2, how to build a query, and advanced functions of i2b2. The training takes about an hour to complete.

Completion of the training program is required before users can access i2b2. To use i2b2, you must have a valid UNC-Chapel Hill ONYEN and have completed the i2b2 training.

Sign up for the Introduction to i2b2@UNC online training at the link below. You will receive a message from our team with instructions for accessing the training within two business days.

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i2b2 Support

  • Review the Introduction to i2b2@UNC training modules. Training videos are available for all i2b2 users to review at their convenience
  • Email the i2b2 Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Attend CDW office hours to talk to an analyst
  • The i2b2 Data Dictionary provides a reference to each of the major data domains supported in i2b2@UNC
  • Access i2b2 at i2b2.unc.edu

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