Clinical Data Research Networks

We support inter-institutional research using EHR data through our involvement in clinical data research networks.

Clinical data research networks (CDRNs) seek to support multi-site research using electronic health record data by reducing technical and regulatory barriers. A CDRN is a group of institutions that agrees to store their electronic health record data in the same format, thus harmonizing data elements to standardized definitions so that clinical data queries can be run across all member sites. Through NC TraCS, UNC-Chapel Hill participates in multiple CDRNs which have different scopes and purposes.

CDRNs can help researchers:

  • Assess feasibility by providing counts of patients meeting certain criteria
  • Identify potential participants for a multi-site study
  • Receive harmonized datasets for secondary data analyses
  • Find collaborators at other sites
  • Navigate the inter-institutional regulatory process

Interested in learning more or beginning a project using a CDRN? Request a consult.

For more detailed information about the CDRNs, please see our FAQ page.


PCORnet STAR CRN° Carolinas Collaborative Accrual to Clinical Trials
Scope PCORnet National NC, SC, TN, MN, AZ, FL NC,SC National
PCORnet National ~122 M patients People-Centered Research Foundation open
Population* Mid-South CDRN ~122 M patients ~14 M patients ~12 M patients TBA
STAR CRN NC, SC, TN, MN, AZ, FL ~14 M patients People-Centered Research Foundation open
Funder Carolinas Collaborative People-Centered Research Foundation People-Centered Research Foundation Duke Endowment NCATS
Carolinas Collaborative NC, SC ~12 M patients Duke Endowment open
Status Accrual to Clinical Trials open open open open
Accrual to Clinical Trials National TBA NCATS open

* Population includes patients who receive care at multiple health systems and are current as of December 2018.
° STAR CRN is part of PCORnet.