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UNC Researchers Jianping Lu and Otto Zhou

Girdler lab utilizes TraCS $2K pilot funding to propel research and advance careers

For a scientist focused on studying how stress affects health, COVID-19 might seem like a boon for research. But the stress wrought by the novel coronavirus has actually confounded stress-related research.

Yet, Susan Girdler, PhD, FABMR, a recipient of several TraCS $2K pilot awards, has found a way to keep her research moving forward. Girdler's lab has consistently demonstrated success in making the most of small studies or modest funding, parlaying the TraCS pilot grant pathway into future NIH awards and prolific research careers.

“We have had a lot of success,” Girdler noted, “and I attribute that success to the incredible feedback and support that TraCS gives.”

UNC School of Medicine's Mehul Patel, PhD

TraCS-funded COVID-19 simulation study shows importance of continued safety efforts

A team of researchers led by UNC School of Medicine's Mehul Patel, PhD, has produced a mathematical simulation that evaluates how many COVID-19 cases could be avoided in North Carolina if more people get vaccinated and follow mask and physical distancing guidelines. This research was funded in part by the NC TraCS Pilot Grant Program.

UNC researchers Otto Zhou and Jianping Lu

TraCS Pilot Award recipient continues to pioneer X-ray technology

In 2016, UNC researcher Otto Zhou received NC TraCS funding with an Improving Human Health pilot award for: A low-dose and high-sensitivity 3D intraoral imaging device for improving human health, which helped fund a clinical evaluation that compared the new 3D device to standard radiography.

person writing on paper via @homajob on unsplash

Why properly acknowledging NIH support in your paper is important

Imagine this scenario:
In the hustle to publish a paper, you accidently forgot to cite the underlying NIH support. Or, the opposite, you opt to include that other grant in the acknowledgements that did not have anything to do with the work. No problem, right?

Well, it could be.

David Peden, MD and CTRC facility

TraCS' CTRC is site for National COVID mRNA Vaccine study in North Carolina

The UNC School of Medicine has been selected as one of 29 sites in the United States to participate in the Systemic Allergy Reactions to SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination (COVID-19-004), a clinical study sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to determine if some individuals are more likely to have serious adverse reactions to mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.

Video screenshot of Dr. Rahima Benhabbour

Advancing the research agenda at UNC-Chapel Hill

Watch our new video and learn what’s possible with support from NC TraCS – drones that deliver life-saving equipment, potential mental health treatment based on brain wave therapy, and 3D-printed intravaginal rings to deliver therapeutics are just a few of the possibilities. We’re here to help strengthen and accelerate research at UNC-Chapel Hill and beyond.

TraCS Service Highlights

FastTraCS logo

FastTraCS provides design service for medical device innovation

Our industry-experienced engineers provide design services to assist innovators as they translate their ideas for medical devices from napkin sketch to reality
graphic of world and data points glowing in the atmosphere

Research resources available on SharePoint

Learn what data is available in the Carolina Data Warehouse for Health (CDW-H) and how it can support your research.
Man looks at iPad while working near the window of a high-rise building - Tyler Franta unsplash

Recruitment: tips on the remote consent process

Review best practices and options for conducting the informed consent process for research studies remotely.

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