Much of the data needed for research and quality improvement are only available in clinical notes. EMERSE provides users with the ability to search these valuable sources of data.


EMERSE (Electronic Medical Record Search Engine) allows users to search free text (unstructured) clinical notes from the electronic health record (EHR). It can be thought of like "Google" for clinical notes.

Data Science Lab

Our Mission

To build a successful, nationally-recognized program in healthcare data science focused on increasing healthcare data science research, building assets to support and innovate healthcare analytical work, and educating and training healthcare data scientists.

Research Collaborations

The Data Science Lab has staff experienced in data science and health care data to join funded projects as collaborators and coinvestigators from project inception to manuscript. Submit a request to talk about potential collaborations.

Research Data Engineering

The lab is continually identifying broad areas of enhancement for performing healthcare data science at UNC. Examples include technology stack (migration to modern, cloud-centric development), development of new methods (inferring SDoH data from EHR data), to warehousing and architecture (build-out of a research data repository), and new data types (various unstructured).

Education & Training

A novel academic focus of the Data Science Lab is on formalizing education and training for healthcare data science and EHR data in a variety of formats. Over time we'll be building out courses, lectures, workshops, and hackathons to increase the content and accessibility of healthcare data science to learners of all types.

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For more information, visit the TraCS Data Science Lab SharePoint site.

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