Carolina Data Warehouse for Health

We mine UNC Health Care data to aid with trial recruitment, retrospective analyses, inter-institutional data sharing and much more.

The Carolina Data Warehouse for Health (CDW-H) is a central data repository containing clinical, research, and administrative data sourced from the UNC Health Care System. Both Epic and legacy hospital systems are represented, with the ability to query most data elements as far back as mid-2004.

Our team of analysts can help you use the CDW-H to answer a variety of research questions, such as:

  • "I need to determine feasibility for an upcoming trial. Can you tell me how many patients between the ages of 18 and 55 have had more than five HbA1c values greater than 6.5 over the past three years?"
  • "I am recruiting for a trial, and would like a pool of potential participants to contact. Can you give me names and contact information for female patients who were newly diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in the past year?"
  • "I need a retrospective dataset on patients diagnosed with kidney stones, covering their diagnoses, procedures, medications and lab results for five years preceding their diagnosis."
  • "I need to mine clinical notes and discharge summaries to extract data points about my patient population that are not collected discretely in the chart."

For more detailed information about the CDW-H, please see our FAQs page. We are always happy to consult with researchers regarding data needs.

Are you new to the CDW-H, have questions, or need help with your data?
Request a consult from the CDW-H team.

Are you a returning CDW-H customer and know exactly what you need?
Submit a CDW-H Project Data Request.

Office Hours

The CDW-H team hosts office hours the first Wednesday and third Thursday of each month. This is a chance for faculty/students/staff with questions about datasets, i2b2, or additional CDW "stuff" to come in on a walk-in basis to speak with an analyst. No appointment necessary.

When: 1st Wednesday and 3rd Thursday of each month
Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: Brinkhous-Bullitt Building, Room 218

More Information

CDW-H Frequently Asked Questions