About Education

We provide learning opportunities and training for all types of researchers — from junior academics to community advocates — in areas that help accelerate the advancement of translational research.

We have a number of formal educational programs tailored specifically to interdisciplinary clinical and translational science:

  • NEW!  TraCS Postdoctoral Training Program in Translation: This is a new 1-2 year postdoctoral fellowship for individuals who seek training in the translation of a scientific product.
    An interest meeting was held on March 29.  view the recording | download application (MS Word)
  • Oncology K12 Program is an institutional K award program focused on the developing of careers in academic oncology.
  • R-Writing Groups are for individuals who have not yet received an R or R-type award. These groups assist investigators with the preparation of proposals or resubmissions for NIH or other funding sources.
  • Career Development Award Writing Groups guide participants through the preparation of a Career Development Award (NIH K or other sponsor) and prepare participants to mentor other individuals in the preparation of this type of application.
  • Translational and Clinical Research Curriculum UPDATED: Get guidance on how to access clinical/translational research coursework.
    • TraCS Professional Development Seminar: A year-long seminar on foundational skills in clinical/translational research coupled with Works in Progress sessions to refine the research and scholarly products of the participants.
    • Introductory courses in clinical/translational research: Individuals who are thinking about careers in clinical research or who need a refresher in basic concepts can take advantage of the TraCS Professional Development Seminar and/or the NIH on-line course "Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research"
  • Masters of Science in Clinical Research is a 2-year degree program for those who already have a doctoral degree and who are seeking to develop the skills necessary for a successful career as a principal investigator and collaborator in clinical/translational research.
  • Mock Reviews are grant proposal reviews set up before the proposal is submitted. They are an effective way to identify potential reviewer concerns with the proposal and to brainstorm strategies to address the concerns.
  • Consultation services from TraCS faculty and staff are available. We meet with individuals to discuss careers in clinical/translational research and specific training needs.

View the NC TraCS events calendar to see all scheduled learning opportunities, events and training programs for clinical and translational researchers.

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