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Research Central

Research Central serves as a portal to access the Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) resources, advertise studies, and discover educational groups such as the UNC Network for Research Professionals, training opportunities and resources.


The Network for Research Professionals (NRP) in collaboration with NC TraCS hosts a variety of training and mentoring opportunities for clinical research personnel.

Recruitment Services

Research for Me @UNC links volunteers with researchers at UNC for participation in clinical research including patient-oriented research, epidemiological and behavioral studies, and outcomes and human services research.

Office of Clinical Trials

The OCT serves as a central resource for UNC faculty, staff and departments involved in clinical trials research and for sponsors seeking to conduct clinical trials at UNC.

Human Research Core

The Human Research Core is a clinical facility located within the UNC Nutrition Research Institute on the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC just 30 minutes north of Charlotte. The Core is complete with examination rooms and equipment, pharmacy, phlebotomy laboratory, specimen laboratory, and furnished consultation rooms. For nutrition intervention studies, the core offers a metabolic kitchen specifically designed to support nutrition research. The Whole-Room Calorimeter, essential for studies on energy balance and fuel use (and the only one in the Carolinas), is an advanced research suite which uses indirect calorimetry to evaluate a research participant’s 24-hour energy balance (intake and expenditure).
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Nutrition Research

The Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) is one of 12 research centers in the country funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases that is specifically designed to provide support and expertise to scientists studying the role of nutrition and obesity in health.

NORC consists of five research cores (Diet and Physical Activity, Metabolic Molecular Phenotyping, Communication for Health Applications and Interventions (CHAI) Core, Animal Metabolism Phenotyping, and Nutrigenetics) that span support for animal, clinical and epidemiological research studies.
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Nutrition Services

The Metabolic and Nutrition Research Core specializes in the development and production of controlled nutrient meals for feeding studies. The core is staffed by a registered dietitian and dietetic technicians all experienced in the production of controlled meals, recipes and oral food challenges for research studies. Food production occurs in a state-inspected kitchen facility operated by UNC Healthcare Food and Nutrition Services. The core works closely with the CTRC to provide meals and other services to studies conducted at the center.

Services include consultation on study design and nutrition research methods, design of nutrient controlled meals and recipes, production of nutrient controlled meals, nutrient intake analysis, education material development, nutrition counseling, food record analysis, indirect calorimetry, anthropometric measurements, and training on anthropometric measurement methods. Nutrient controlled meals can be served at the CTRC, packed out for consumption at home, and shipped to participants and other research sites.
Contact: Beth MacIntosh, Clinical Research Manager
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UNC Hospitals Pharmacy Support (Storeroom) Purchasing Requisition

University (Grant) Customers are able to purchase bulk pharmaceutical supplies through UNC Healthcare by visiting the Clinic Resources website. Select "Click to Order Online" for University Customers under the Quick Links section to complete the necessary information. Please note that the PeopleSoft/ChartField Accounting Data is needed when completing the form. Contact the Pharmacy Storeroom at 984.974.1366 for more information.

McLendon Clinical Laboratories

McLendon Clinical Laboratories provides anatomic pathology and laboratory medicine services for UNC Hospitals.


The UNC CTSA Clinical Research Management System (UNC CRMS) application links separate research support systems on campus. The CRMS helps clinical research teams manage studies throughout the lifecycle by completing pre-study submissions to the Office of Clinical Trials, Investigational Drug Services, and Integrated Billing Office.

DXA and Bone Density Assessments

Available through the UNC Division of Radiologic Science.
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Clinical Dental Research

The Go Health Center conducts clinical dental research and recruits patients with and without dental problems. General dental services may be provided as part of a study or for payment at reduced rates.

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