Nursing Services

Our clinical services are provided by highly-skilled, versatile nurses and certified phlebotomy staff. Services include:

  • Adult and pediatric nursing care
  • Pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) sampling
  • IV access - Central line access and peripheral line placement
  • Study drug administration, including infusions
  • Phlebotomy
  • Serial PK sample processing (inpatient and extended visits)
  • Post-procedural recovery and observation
  • ECGs
  • Point of Care Testing - Glucose and urine pregnancy

Nursing in-services for all inpatient and higher acuity outpatient protocols

After your study receives IRB and CTRC approval, please contact our Director of Nursing to discuss the initiation of your study. Unless you have an uncomplicated outpatient study that does not involve serial PKs or study drug administration by CTRC staff, you will need to schedule a nursing in-service prior to study initiation. Nursing in-services should review the following topics:

  • Written information on study purpose and background
  • Investigational agents to be used
  • Needed patient assessments
  • Data and/or specimen collections
  • Study flow sheets and physician orders
  • Specimen processing instructions

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Physician Order Template
CTRC Outpatient Flow Sheet Template
CTRC Inpatient Flow Sheet Template
Example of Paper Order and Flow Sheet