Inpatient Care Fees

CTRC rates are subject to change; all studies will be charged current rates.

Inpatient care at the CTRC is based on a per hour nursing care fee and thus is charged $64.00 per hour billed in 30 minute increments. For example, if your patient is admitted at 8:00 AM for an overnight visit and is discharged at 8:15 AM the next morning, the investigator would be charged for 24.5 hours or $1,568.00.

The fee structure is designed to offset personnel costs for the admission. If more than one patient is admitted at a time, the CTRC may not require additional personnel to manage the study and thus are willing to provide discounts on these fees.

The CTRC will offer a discount on the CTRC inpatient fees to Investigators who admit more than 1 patient at a time. Note that this discount only applies to the CTRC fees and does not apply to the hospital charges. For more information on the discount, please contact Janette Goins or call 919.843.1070.

A discount will be given if one of the following occurs:

  • For Investigator-Initiated (Category A or B) and Industry Sponsored studies (Category D) – Admit two or more patients on the same night on the same protocol.
  • For Investigator-Initiated studies (Category A or B) – Admit at least one patient on a night when there is already a patient admitted on a different study.

Visit our Inpatient Google Calendar to view upcoming admissions.

There is an additional per night fee that is charged directly to the investigator by the hospital for any overnight stay. As of January 1, 2017 the fee for inpatient research studies is $854.93 per night. Please refer to the Billing Coverage Analysis (BCA) for the most current rate as it is subject to change. More information on how to complete the BCA can be found at Research Central.