About Clinical Research Ethics

We provide confidential ethics consultation on research design and ongoing research projects. We help with background research and policy advice on best practices in research ethics.

We assist with research ethics issues that may fall outside the scope of IRB and IACUC oversight. Research ethics consultations can cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Research with patients in the clinical setting
  • Return of unanticipated research results and/or results with questionable therapeutic value
  • Research with vulnerable populations such as prisoners, children, or the socioeconomically disenfranchised
  • Research with the recently deceased
  • Research with stored biological specimens
  • Conflict of interest and commercialization
  • Research with animals such as:
    • Balancing harms and potential benefits
    • Promoting alternatives
    • Impact on researchers and technicians
    • Human-animal bonding and care-taking responsibilities

We also coordinate Research Ethics Grand Rounds, a monthly seminar series addressing current ethical, legal and social issues in the design and conduct of biomedical research.

For assistance with adherence to national and institutional regulation (IRB and IACUC), visit TraCS Regulatory.