Monitoring Plan Development

We provide support to Principle Investigators in the ongoing monitoring of clinical trials and studies.

  • Development of data and safety monitoring plans
  • Review grants for adequacy of human subject protection
  • Appropriateness of using a data and safety monitoring board
  • Audit preparation
  • Guidance on Adverse Event and Unanticipated Problem reporting

Study monitoring is assuming responsibility for reviewing events and outcomes during the implementation of a study in two domains: 1) the safety of participants (protecting the rights of subjects, monitoring for the occurrence of adverse events, continuing to assess the risk/benefit ratio). 2) the integrity and quality of the data (monitoring the trial data for accuracy/completeness, ensuring the data is verifiable, verifying that the trial was conducted in compliance with the protocol, GCPs, local regulatory requirements and approvals).

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Watch a ReGARDD hosted workshop — Monitoring responsibilities of sponsor-investigators presented by Sam Sather:

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