Implementation Science

We support the development and integration of frameworks, methods and metrics in community-engaged research. We focus on implementation science as it applies to health care, community and policy contexts.

Examples of how we assist researchers include:

  • Creating conceptual frameworks of competencies for researchers participating in community engaged dissemination & implementation
  • Developing, testing, and refining a disease-agnostic tool for identifying criteria for selecting implementation models
  • Offering a system for classifying implementation strategies
  • Integrating pragmatic measures of organizational readiness for change

We also support implementation science pilot projects, evaluate instruments designed to measure key implementation science constructs and develop original tools to assess capacity for disseminating and implementing evidence-based interventions.

In addition to our consultation services, we have created the Implementation Science Exchange portal. ImpSciX contains a wealth of resources related to Implementation Science, including successfully funded sample grant proposals, theories and frameworks on Implementation Science and Organizational Theory, journals that publish related research, networking opportunities, and many other resources.

Point of contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.