Training & Education

Biostatistical Design and Methodology Support

We provide clinical and translational researchers, who have basic quantitative training in biostatistical methods, with a more in depth understanding of selected topics and introduce them to more advanced methods.

Target audience includes clinical and translational scientists who currently serve as, or plan to serve as, Principal Investigators leading interdisciplinary research teams that include biostatisticians — examples include the School of Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry schools.

Emphasis is placed on what clinical and translational researchers collaborating with biostatisticians most need to understand about a statistical method or concept, in order to recognize whether a methodology is potentially relevant to their research aim and choice of study design, and appropriately interpret results of analyses using the methodology.


Presentation (Nov 2, 2018): Designing Your Research Study: Essential concepts, Best practices, Pitfalls, Speedy IRB approval (Presenter: Paul W. Stewart, PhD)

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