About Biostatistics

We collaborate with and provide consultations for investigators in biomedical research.

We work with investigators to efficiently identify unmet statistical design and methodological needs, and develop new design and analysis methodologies to resolve roadblocks encountered in cutting-edge biomedical research conducted at UNC-Chapel Hill and other institutions.

We offer biostatistical collaboration, statistical methodology research, study coordination and data management solutions for multi-site studies, and education in various topics relevant to biomedical researchers. We disseminate biostatistical tools to researchers through the following programs:

Biostatistics Collaboration

  • Statistical consulting and collaborative services on design and analysis in planning proposed studies
  • Assistance with protocol development and review
  • Biostatistical input to manuscript preparation, including journal submissions
  • Power and sample size calculations and biostatistics input to grant preparation
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Short-term Consultations

  • One-on-one help with specific questions related to sample size calculation or statistical analysis
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Multi-site Studies

  • Study coordination and data management
  • Design, conduct, report and analyze multi-center clinical trials and observational studies
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Training & Education

  • Biostatistical design, methodology support, education and dissemination for investigators
  • Each fall semester, we host a Biostatistics Seminar Series for clinical and translational scientists. Topics are chosen to appeal to biomedical researchers and collaborative biostatisticians.
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