No fee for TraCS Biostatistical services

NC TraCS Biostatistics (BIOS) does not charge for biostatistics collaboration or short-term consultations. However, we may ask whether you have funds for biostatistics because that information is often useful in our role as facilitators as well as providers of biostatistical services.

Your project’s need for biostatistics involvement may outlive the provision of NC TraCS BIOS services. When that happens, NC TraCS may help to identify another source of biostatistical assistance for you:

  1. while the BIOS Service assists with grant preparation, we frequently recommend developing a budget for biostatistics. Once the grant becomes funded, TraCS BIOS support is no longer needed because the grant can support biostatistics directly.
  2. while the BIOS Service accepts a substantial majority of requests for biostatistical assistance, we sometimes decline requests when there are suitable alternative sources of assistance. We sometimes make referrals to sources that may or may not have costs associated with them.
  3. while the BIOS Service offers assistance free of charge, there may be limits with respect to the intensity (number of hours) and/or length (calendar time) of service provided. These may be determined in bi-annual reviews of progress towards the fulfillment of the Request, resources utilized and consideration of TraCS priorities.

BIOS Service requests are terminated when the initial request is filled. A new TraCS Request may be submitted for additional biostatistical services, which will undergo review.