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In partnership with the Center for Health Equity Research (CHER), Dr. Gaurav Dave (Associate Professor, Department of Medicine and Co-Director, CHER) is proud to announce that Abacus Evaluation, a Research Service Center in the School of Medicine at UNC, is now offering program evaluation services within and beyond the UNC community.

The Abacus team has extensive experience evaluating various public health, clinical, educational, and human service initiatives. Abacus evaluators are poised to offer custom solutions using expertise in strategic planning, evaluation, data science and analytics, network analysis, and interpretation and dissemination of findings. They support clients throughout the project lifecycle, from conception to implementation to reporting.

Abacus has grown out of an increasing need for support and expertise in evaluation among researchers. Both federal and non-federal agencies require program implementers to demonstrate connections between research inputs, activities, outcomes, and impacts. Abacus fills this gap for programs, projects, centers, and initiatives.

Since its founding in 2020, Abacus has provided tailored evaluation consultation and support to clients, with a commitment to amplifying project impact and effectiveness. Abacus is uniquely positioned to collaborate with health, human services, and other organizations within and beyond academia.

Abacus' mission is to create and amplify lasting positive change in its local, national, and global community through collaboration and data-informed innovation to address complex problems with its clients. Abacus-led evaluation can identify areas for growth and innovation, drive change, and prioritize communities. Abacus also reflects the School of Medicine's commitment to providing infrastructure and opportunities to support outstanding research throughout and beyond UNC.

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