Research Coordination & Management Unit (RCMU)

We support UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC Health Care System investigators in conducting high quality clinical and translational research — ensuring regulatory compliance, procedural efficiency, and data collection best practices.

We provide professional, experienced study coordinators and project managers equipped to perform a wide range of study coordination services to investigators across UNC and UNCHCS while:

  • Developing and disseminating operating procedures and best practice guidelines to standardize research processes across projects, promoting compliance
  • Leveraging CTSA resources to offer innovative approaches to improve the quality and efficiency of research project execution and data collection
  • Providing a model of multi-disciplinary continuous education and improvement to promote professional development of research coordinators
  • Establishing effective relationships and communication practices to bolster successful collaborations

RCMU services to investigators are offered at an hourly recharge rate.

Our services can be utilized to perform full study management, to assist with specific study components, or to fill-in for regular research staff as needed.

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