Carolinas Collaborative Pilot Projects

2017 Winners

Title: Antibiotic prescribing in North Carolina before and after an FDA boxed warning on fluoroquinolones in 2016

Study Team:

  • Anderson, Deverick, Duke University
  • Dusetzina, Stacie, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Pajewski, Nicholas, Wake Forest University
  • Willis, Zachary, UNC-Chapel Hill

Title: Pregnancies in women with Lupus in the Carolinas Collaborative (PLiCC) Cohort: Validation of computable phenotypes with existing Registries in order to study the role of socio-demographic disparities on pregnancies in women with lupus

Study Team:

  • Clowse, Megan, Duke University
  • Oates, James, Medical University of South Carolina

2016 Winners

Title: Harmonization of Patient-Reported Outcomes Across Four CTSAs: Leveraging EHRs to Enable Comparative Effectiveness Research to Improve the Quality of Cancer Care
Description: will study the feasibility of collecting a common set of patient-reported outcome measures in routine cancer care across four healthcare systems.

The project will harmonize patient-reported outcomes across four electronic health record systems (EHRs) and also to the PCORnet Common Data Model. The identification and management of symptoms experienced during cancer treatment is important, but not symptoms may not be routinely collected in clinical care. Thus, collecting a core set of measures across health systems will improve the quality of symptom management in cancer care and facilitate the use of these data for comparative effectiveness research. The project will be the first effort across CTSAs to collect and harmonize a standard set of patient-reported outcome measures across EHRs.

Study Team:

  • Arlene Chung, MD, MHA, MMCi, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at UNC
  • Thomas LeBlanc, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Duke
  • Phil Smeltzer, PhD, Assistant Professor at Medical University of South Carolina
  • Lynne Wagner, PhD, Professor of Social Sciences and Health Policy at Wake Forest

The research team includes: Ethan Basch, MD, MSc, Bryce Reeve, PhD, and Angela Stover, PhD from UNC; Leah Zullig, PhD, and Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS from Duke; and Umit Topalaglu, PhD and Brian Wells, MD, PhD from Wake Forest.

Title: The HEART Pathway: a learning health system project, translating evidence to practice across the Carolinas
Description: This project will lay the groundwork for implementing a new decision support tool for chest pain across the Carolinas Collaborative Health systems. While over 50 percent of patients presenting with chest pain are hospitalized, less than 10 percent are ultimately diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome. Wake Forest has achieved great success with its HEART pathway, an EHR-based tool that provides real-time decision support to its providers. This project will explore the feasibility of disseminating the tool to other systems in the region.

Research Team:

  • Abhishek Mehrotra, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at UNC
  • Alexander Limkakeng, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Duke
  • Christine Carr, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at MUSC
  • prinicipal investigator: Simon Mahler, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Wake Forest