Research 101 Online Training

We offer the following online learning opportunities for those new to research:

Communicating Health Information
Database Sources
Evidence-Based Interventions
Introduction to Basic Research
Introduction to Clinical Trials
Introduction to Program Evaluation
Introduction to Research Methods
Participatory Protections
Participatory Research Approaches
Presenting Data Professionally
Research 101
Research 201
What is Translational Research?

Communicating Health Information | Defines health communication, explains its role in individual and community health promotion, and provides strategies for identifying and reaching specific audiences.
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Database Sources | Explains the importance of using data in research, identifies databases in which to find data, and discusses the best ways to present data.
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Evidence-Based Interventions | Explains the importance of evidence-based interventions (EBIs) in community health research, provides resources for finding EBIs, and shares some considerations when adapting EBIs to meet your research needs.
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Introduction to Basic Research | Defines research and discusses areas of research.

Introduction to Clinical Trials | Discusses the common fears and apprehensive feelings that people often associate with the term 'clinical trial'.

Introduction to Program Evaluation | Defines program evaluation, explains different evaluation types, and identifies resources to assist with evaluation needs.
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Introduction to Research Methods | Defines basic research methods and clearly explains common research terms.

Participatory Protections | Helps answer the question: "How will you keep my community and me safe?

Participatory Research Approaches | Explains the principles of participatory research approaches and provides tools for engaging communities to address health disparities.
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Presenting Data Professionally | Discusses the purpose of presenting data and provides tips for creating dissemination plans and presenting data in a professional manner.
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Research 101 | Introduces key concepts of research, including the different types of research, research methodology, and Institutional Review Boards.
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Research 201 | Expands upon the concepts introduced in Research 101. Provides viewers with information about developing a research question and hypothesis, an overview of research study designs, and a review of various data collection techniques.
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What is Translational Research? | Defines translational research and provides an orientation to the specific services, programs, and training initiatives offered by TraCS, including how we encourage community, clinical, and academic partners to collaborate on translational research projects.
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