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mp4.png Computable Phenotype Lecture
This recorded lecture discusses the art of creating a "computable phenotype," or electronic health record data-driven case definition. The content is a high-level overview of the concept, and is intended for clinical researchers who may not be informaticians themselves, but wish to work with informaticians or analysts to define patient cohorts electronically.
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Changed 2017-10-17
7z.png CLARK! v1.0.3

CLARK! is a machine-learning classifier developed through a collaboration between NC TraCS and CoVar Applied Technologies, a Durham, NC-based machine learning company. CLARK! is designed to take clinical notes as input, and classify those notes based on features defined by the user as regular expressions. To try CLARK! for yourself, download all files in this directory, and open the README file for a brief overview on getting started. A video walk through of CLARK is available here:
If you have additional questions reach out to epfaff at email dot unc dot edu

License CLARK AgreementTooltip
Version v1.0.3
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Changed 2018-10-04
pdf.png About i2b2@UNC Training
This document explains the in-person Introduction to i2b2 training program developed at UNC. It is designed to be used as guidance for those looking to create their own i2b2 training. It should be used in conjunction with the Introduction to i2b2 slide deck.
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Changed 2018-04-23
pptx.png Clinical Data Research Networks Slide deck
This presentation provides an overview of CDRNs and how they use health data. This presentation can be used to learn more about CDRNs, their projects, and how they use their data. The presentation is used for in-person informational sessions with researchers and research staff at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (part of Mid-South CDRN).
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Changed 2018-04-23
pptx.png Introduction to i2b2
This slide deck outlines the Introduction to i2b2 training used at UNC. It is designed to be modified by others wishing to create an i2b2 training. It should be used in conjunction with the About i2b2@UNC Training document.
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zip.png ADAPTABLE Electronic Recruitment Guide
This zipped folder includes the following materials:
- ADAPTABLE Electronic Recruitment Guide
- PHP program to encrypt MRNs using TDEA
- REDCap plugin to handle identity linking
- REDCap hook to redirect survey participants to the study website, pre-populating their golden ticket
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Changed 2018-07-20
zip.png REDCap plugins - Manage Users Expiration
REDCap plugins to help the projects' principle investigator(PI) and primary contacts(PC) to manage their project users access expiration dates.
Version 1.0
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Changed 2018-08-20