TraCS Research Portals

We offer a variety of portals for the research community to help move the science of Community Engagement, Dissemination and Implementation forward.

Implementation Science Exchange

The field of implementation science is rapidly growing. We have organized resources and created new tools to help guide your research agenda.

Visit the Implementation Science Exchange.

Engaging Latino Communities in Research (ENLaCE)

Engaging Latino communities in research presents many challenges for clinicians and translational researchers. Our goal is to provide resources that will enhance and promote translational research in Latino communities.

Through community, clinician, and investigator engagements, ENLaCE provides consultative services and referrals that help move science forward and ultimately improve Latino health.

Visit the ENLaCE portal.

Research 101

This portal is designed for those who are new to research, need a refresher in developing proposals, or need assistance in locating instructional materials to engage in translational research with community and academic partners.

Visit the Research 101 portal.

Community Academic Grants Administration Translation (CAGAT) Initiative

Academic Researcher’s Guide — designed for academic researchers interested in gaining a greater understanding of the grant submission and management process when conducting federally-funded, community-engaged research.