Theme-Oriented Groups

We bring investigators together to have substantive conversations around emerging issues in any field with the ultimate goal being to develop fundable proposals.

NC TraCS Team Science establishes theme-oriented groups (which then lead to multiple related research teams) to facilitate development of approaches to complex problems. We assemble both large (>20) and small (5-10) groups of investigators to work toward a tangible result, such as a research gap or problem, or the development of research strategies.

We identify experts in the field and recruit potential team members with relevant content and methodological expertise. We facilitate conversations to help working groups develop specific aims, research objectives or other endpoints defined by you.

**We will work with you to develop funding strategies for your ideas before or after the conversation.**

If you have an idea that would benefit from the expertise of large or small interdisciplinary groups of researchers and would like to engage in building and sustaining a themed research group that may lead to multiple related research teams, request help in forming an interdisciplinary research group.

Our first, very successful, collaborative meeting was Engineering Solutions to Health Problems: A Workshop to Develop and Sustain Clinician-Engineer Collaborations (April 17, 2015).

Our next planned collaborative meeting will be themed Psychosocial Stress Influences on Biology: An Interdisciplinary Collaborative to Determine How Stress Modulates Response to Disease and Treatment.

If you need help talking through an interdisciplinary approach to a problem or finding a collaborator, request a consult and select the Team Science service.

If you want help with building one research team, see Building Teams.