Study Recruitment Tactics

Finding subjects for your research study can be a slow and challenging process.

Here are a few tools and resources to help you find volunteers.

Advertising Toolbox

Contact information for TV stations, newspapers and publications to promote your research study. | download doc

Flyer Template

Use this customizable flyer template (in Microsoft Word) to make a flyer for your research study. | download doc

Posting flyers on bulletin boards and television screens throughout Memorial hospital in Chapel Hill

NC TraCS Communications provides assistance in creating and posting flyers on designated UNC hospital bulletin boards. We can also get information about your study posted on the television screens throughout the hospital. Please review our Standard Operating Procedure describing the locations, duration, type, submissions guidelines, reporting and process for the posting and retrieval of flyers on bulletin boards and television screens, and then request a consult to access this service.

Mass E-mail

UNC-Chapel Hill Mass E-mail is a tool for requesting and distributing official UNC-Chapel Hill messages through e-mail. Access this service using your UNC credentials. | learn more

Join The Conquest

A TraCS-funded UNC-based recruitment website for North Carolina. | learn more


A national recruitment website funded in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program. | visit website

Health Literacy Considerations

Report on the Health Literacy of America’s Adults: Results From the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy | download pdf

View a list of health literacy resources compiled by Paul D. Smith, MD. | download pdf

Learn more about health literacy from the Harvard School of Health. | visit website

Use the Readability Score website to assess the readability level of your content. | visit website

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