Study Recruitment Strategies

The key to successful recruitment is creating a detailed recruitment plan.

Create a Recruitment Plan

Use the following checklist to create a volunteer-centered recruitment plan for your study. | download doc

Characterize your Target Population

Knowing your target population characteristics is vital. Use this checklist to organize your information. | download doc

Accrual Management

Use the Recruitment Accrual Planning Spreadsheet to forecast your subject recruitment timelines, plot out expected number of subject visits and types of visits. | download xls

Retention Management

Learn how to retain subjects in your study. Download the ebook by Forte Research Systems: Patient Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials - 10 Strategies for Success. | download pdf

Budget and Risk Management

Use the Budget and Contract Review checklist to ensure recruitment costs are covered in your study budget. | download doc


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  • Consider community partnerships with Community Academic Resources for Engaged Scholarship (CARES). | visit webpage
  • See tips on recruiting for cancer clinical trials. | download pdf
  • See clinical research charts and statistics provided by CISCRP (Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation). | download pdf
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