Join The Conquest

Researchers at the University of North Carolina and associated research centers are working hard on new ways to conquer disease.

The Join the Conquest website links volunteers with researchers at UNC.

It provides a place for researchers to list current research study opportunities.

Volunteers can register online for specific types of studies and also learn more about research in general, what is involved in being a study volunteer, and what types of studies are being conducted by the University of North Carolina and associates.

When you Join the Conquest, you will become part of a larger community of researchers and volunteers contributing to discoveries that may improve health care for you, your family and your community.

Volunteers: Learn more at

Researchers: List your studies via IRBIS within the IRB application form, section B.1.1

View the JTC presentation on moving from CRMS to IRBIS for study listings: view pdf

NOTICE: New SOP guidelines from the IRB effective June 2, 2017 require a change to the Join the Conquest study listing form approval for the compensation section only.   read more »