Levels of Service

Metabolomics services are provided on a tiered basis.

Tier 1: Consultation and Initial Planning
4–12 hours

Tier 1 services will involve one or more meetings between the Metabolomics Core and the interested investigator to discuss the project and determine the level and type of metabolomics services appropriate for the project. The overall goal of Tier 1 services is to determine the likelihood of the research to result in significant impact or lead to future funding.

Tier 2: Statement of Work
12 hours

Tier 2 services will be provided to projects that have a clear path to success in terms of significant impact, or future funding. Metabolomics Core members will work with interested investigators to develop a statement of work or protocol, budget, and timeline.

Tier 3: Metabolomics Analysis or Synthesis
40–120 hours

Tier 3 studies will involve metabolomics analysis and synthesis.

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