About Metabolomics

We provide expertise in metabolomics, including guidance in study design, sample collection, data acquisition, multivariate and statistical analysis, visualization, pathway mapping, literature review, manuscript and grant preparation, training and outreach, and synthesis of standards.

Metabolomics involves the analysis of the low molecular weight complement of cells, tissues, or biological fluids.

Metabolomics makes it feasible to uniquely profile (metabotyping) the biochemistry of an individual or system apart from or in addition to the genome. While it is true that specific genes can be identified that define individuals at risk for a disease, dysfunction, disorder, or response to treatment, many diseases or responses can occur at the level of the proteome. Proteins and metabolites can inform us about the state of a disease, dysfunction, or disorder at any given time.

Metabolomics has come to the forefront to reveal biomarkers for the early detection and diagnosis of disease, to monitor therapeutic treatments, and to provide insights into biological mechanisms. In addition, determining the environmental influences on the metabolome requires determining characteristics of exposure.

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