REDCap Custom Permissions and Modules

REDCap Custom Permissions

REDCap allows custom permission roles which can include:

  • Project Design and Setup
  • Data Exports:
    • No Access
    • De-Identified*
    • Remove all tagged Identifier fields
    • Full Data Set
    *De-identified means that all free-form text fields will be removed, as well as any date/time fields and Identifier fields.
  • Reports:
    • Add/Edit Reports
      Also allows user to view ALL reports (but not necessarily all data in the reports)
    • Stats and Charts
  • Manage Survey Participants
  • Calendar
  • Data Import Tool
  • Data Comparison Tool (only for projects using double data entry)
  • Logging
  • File Repository
  • Data Quality
    • Create and edit rules
    • Execute rules
  • Data Workflow
    • No Access
    • View only
    • Open queries only
    • Respond only to opened queries
    • Open and respond to queries
    • Open, close, and respond to queries
  • API
    • API Export
    • API Import/Update
  • Mobile Allows user to collect data offline in the mobile app
    Allows user to download data for all records to the app
  • Settings pertaining to project records:
    • Create Records
    • Rename Records
    • Delete Records
  • Settings pertaining to record locking and E-signatures
    • Lock/Unlock Records Users with locking privileges also have access to the E-signature and Locking Mgmt page on the left-hand Applications menu.
    • Disabled
    • Locking/Unlocking
    • Locking/Unlocking with E-signature authority
    • Allow locking of all forms at once for a given record

REDCap Modules and Apps

Data Quality Module — can help you easily find any data discrepancies or errors in your project data by allowing you to create and execute data quality 'rules'. If a user has 'create & edits rules' rights for Data Quality, then they will be able to access the Data Quality module and will be able to create, edit, reorder, and delete any of the custom rules in that module. If this user setting is not checked, they will not be able to do so.

If users have 'execute rules' rights for Data Quality, then they will be able to access the Data Quality module and will see the 'Execute' buttons on that page and thus be able to execute any of the rules that have been created (including the pre-defined rules), which will display a detailed list of all data discrepancies. If this user setting is not checked, they will not be given the option to execute any rules.

If a user does not have either checkbox set for Data Quality rights, then they will not see the Data Quality module listed on the project's left-hand menu, nor will they be able to access the module.

Data Resolution Workflow Module — users will be allowed to open a workflow for documenting the process of resolving issues with data in the project. This data resolution workflow, often called 'data queries' in clinical trials and studies, can be utilized either on a data entry form (clicking the balloon icon next to the field) or on the Data Quality page when finding data discrepancies. The Data Quality module will then display a new 'Resolve Issues' tab, which will allow users to view all resolved and unresolved data queries and thus resolve any queries that are still open. Different user privileges may be given to users that control whether or not users can view, open/close, or respond to data queries.

Some users may have their privileges restricted so that they have no access to the Data Resolution Workflow, thus they cannot view or edit any data queries. Those with 'view only' privileges will be able to view all opened queries but not modify them or contribute. Users with 'respond only' privileges can respond to an opened query (especially if they have been assigned to it), but can neither open nor close a data query. Users with the highest privileges can perform all of the above actions (open, respond to, and close queries).

REDCap API — allows external applications to connect to REDCap remotely, and is used for programmatically retrieving or modifying data or settings within REDCap, such as performing automated data imports/exports from a specified REDCap project. For details on the capabilities of the REDCap API and how to use it, please see the REDCap API documentation.

REDCap mobile app — app installed on a tablet or mobile device so that data can be collected offline and afterwards sync to the project on the REDCap server. This app is most useful in data collection where there is no internet service (e.g., no WiFi or cellular service) or where there is unreliable internet service. Once a user in this project is given 'REDCap Mobile App' privileges, they can navigate to the mobile app page on the left-hand menu and set up this project inside the mobile app on their device. Once the mobile project is set up on the device, the user can collect data (which is stored locally on the device), and later sync the data with the project on the REDCap server.

User Rights in the REDCap Mobile App:
It is important to note that the user privileges inside the REDCap Mobile App mimic a user's privileges in the project on the REDCap server in regards to data collection. For instance, if a user has 'No Access' Data Entry Rights for a specific data collection instrument, then the user will also not have access to that instrument in the app. An additional user privilege is available that allows you to choose whether or not the user is able to download data (i.e., records in this project) to the mobile app on their device. For example, you may choose not to allow them to download record data to the app if this project contains very sensitive data (e.g., PHI).

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