FastTraCS collaborates with healthcare innovators to help translate medical device ideas from napkin sketch to design concept. We offer design support ranging from CAD assistance (3D modeling) to more in-depth product development and guidance services.

Depending on the project's needs, collaboration can range from several weeks to longer term engagements. Innovators will receive a whiteboard ideation of their project, final design report, and 3D representative model of their device idea.

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Tamper Deterrent CVC Device

We work with personnel to determine key device features, generate prototype(s), and validate.

Identifying the problem

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Patients engaged in substance abuse behaviors who are admitted to the hospital often exploit central venous catheters (CVCs) or other vascular devices as a convenient route of administration for illicit drugs. This opportunistic behavior can present significant challenges for providers and quality of care, leading to increased infection rates and extended length of stay.

Currently, there are no devices in use for preventing or deterring unauthorized access to CVCs; however, providers may use dyed drug formulations or video patient monitoring to provide evidence of inpatient substance abuse.

Key Features

FastTraCS worked with Hospital Medicine to determine the key features of the device. The following are design features identified prior to, or during intake design meetings:

  • Enclosure to prevent unauthorized access to vascular access device (VAD)
  • Locking mechanism for provider access as needed
  • Compatible with commonly used CVCs and other VADs
  • Cost effective
  • Tamper deterrent and/or tamper evident
  • The device must accommodate 1 or 2 cleave ends at the end of a PICC or similar line
  • The device must prevent easy access to the cleave(s) at rest, except by authorized personnel
  • The device must prevent easy access to the cleave(s) during infusion, except by authorized personnel

Computer Aided Design, Prototype Generation & Validation

FastTraCS designed and prototyped two different locking mechanisms for the device which are both accessed with a contactless key. One locking mechanism incorporates traditional materials and the other advanced materials.

Both prototypes demonstrated the ability to deter access to the clave ends during and after infusion.

Methods & Skills

  • Intake design meetings
  • Device features
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Prototype generation
  • Prototype comparison
  • Validation

Tools & Resources

  • CAD
  • 3D Printing
  • Advanced Prototyping

FastTraCS is an experienced team of biomedical engineers who identify solvable problems at UNC Hospitals and swiftly develop solutions. We quickly translate discoveries, ideas and inventions into marketable products by providing R&D and research commercialization support through concept generation, design and advanced prototyping.

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