Seminars & Training

Starting in 2015, we will host a regular series of workshops addressing issues of grant writing and identifying funding sources.

Anticipated topics include:

  1. How NIH works – I/Cs, how an application progresses through the system, CSR, POs vs SROs
  2. Identifying funding sources
  3. Strategic planning – Reading NIH-speak, choosing the right study section, choosing the right mechanism, New/Early Investigator status
  4. Elements of the proposal I – Aims, Significance/Innovation/Approach/Investigator/Environment
  5. Elements of the Proposal II – Creating a writing plan, Biosketches, LoS
  6. Budgeting – Modular vs Itemized, F&As, overheads, subcontracts, post-docs, animal costs
  7. Study Section – What goes on in the room?