Librarian Services

The TraCS Librarian can aid researchers in the following areas:

Idea Development

  • Find background literature
  • Utilize research tools effectively
  • Locate data sources
  • Identify collaborators, leveraging tools such as REACH NC, as well as the NC TraCS Team Science service

Finding Funding

Proposal Development

  • Comply with Federal requirements impacting grant proposals and funding eligibility, including (NIH, AHRQ) Biosketch and Public Access Policies, in collaboration with the NC TraCS Proposal Development service and the NC TraCS Regulatory service

Conducting Research

  • Manage citations
  • Conduct systematic reviews

Disseminating Research

  • Identify appropriate journals for publication, including open access
  • Cite grants
  • Deposit work in digital repositories
  • Communicate research to the public

Evaluating Research

  • Track research impact and metrics

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