The NC TraCS Stakeholder Network is a resource that supports the stakeholder engagement process by facilitating connections between UNC-Chapel Hill researchers and stakeholders with similar interests and connecting stakeholders to health research resources across campus.

NC TraCS Stakeholder Engagement

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Engaging with stakeholders throughout the research process—from designing the research, to conducting a study, to disseminating results—allows for the conduct of relevant, sustainable, and feasible health research.

Engagement can be everything from stakeholders providing feedback on a study, to stakeholders guiding the priorities and operations of entire research programs. We consider stakeholders to be anyone outside of the academic research setting who are or may be impacted by the conduct or outcomes of the research (e.g., people who work at community organizations, patient advisors, healthcare workers).

Learn more about how we engage stakeholders in our own work, as well as opportunities to get involved with stakeholder engagement work at UNC and stay connected to our program:

To facilitate payment of community and patient advisors, UNC has instituted a new shortened Independent Contractor form. This streamlined process requires less paperwork and ensures prompter payment. To learn more and access these forms, visit:

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