In collaboration with community partners, researchers and health care providers, we contribute to all phases of health research projects from conceptualization to dissemination.

Our services aim to facilitate engagement between academic, clinical and community partners across the state to ensure that stakeholder input informs research; that research addresses the priorities and needs of the communities it serves; and that underrepresented populations are equitably involved in the research process. Our stakeholder engagement services include the following:

Stakeholder Engagement Consultations

We provide brief and on-going consultations to academic investigators, health care providers, and community partners regarding research project development and implementation.
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TraCS $2K Stakeholder Engagement Voucher

Translational researchers who seek to engage with stakeholders in research proposals or implementation may use these funds to support stakeholder consultation services from NC TraCS community partners. Investigators may request funds to support stakeholder consultation to participate in preparing proposals, reviewing and editing existing proposals, or participating in the design and tailoring of interventions for research proposals.
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Become an NC TraCS Stakeholder

Are you interested in collaborating with NC TraCS and researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill as a health research stakeholder? You or your organization can join our stakeholder network and become Research Ready Stakeholders to support research efforts that advance the health of North Carolinians!
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A Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Charrette is a new model for promoting, advancing and enhancing the use of community-based participatory research.
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Expanding Networks for Latinx Communities through Engagement offers technical support to researchers who are interested in working with the Latinx population in research during both pre and post award periods. Through community, clinician, and investigator engagements, ENLaCE provides consultative services and referrals that help move science forward and ultimately improve Latinx health.
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North Carolina Network Consortium

The North Carolina Network Consortium supports research in primary care settings. The consortium combines the resources of six practice-based research networks and over 615 providers in over 140 practices across the state.
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