Scott Runyon

Scott Runyon

RTI Liaison

Dr. Scott Runyon serves as the Director of the Center for Drug Discovery at RTI International. Dr. Runyon was trained as a medicinal chemist and his laboratory is engaged in the development of novel therapies for drug addiction, CNS disorders, and cardiovascular diseases by targeting G-protein coupled receptors and ion channels.

At RTI, Dr. Runyon has been involved in two preclinical drug discovery programs that resulted in Phase 1 clinical trials. He participated in the preclinical development of RTI-336; a molecule that functions as a dopamine transport inhibitor for substance abuse. Dr. Runyon also worked to identify analogues of the kappa opioid antagonist JDTic that recently progressed through Phase 1 studies.

A highly published and cited author, Dr. Runyon holds 6 issued patents. Dr. Runyon serves as a reviewer on various NIH study sections and has served as a member of the scientific advisory board of Sage Therapeutics; a company focused on the development of neurosteroids for CNS disorders.

Dr. Runyon received his Ph.D. from the Medical College of Virginia under the guidance of Drs. Richard Glennon and Richard Westkaemper. He continued his training in CNS medicinal chemistry at RTI as a postdoctoral associate under Dr. F. Ivy Carroll before joining RTI full-time as a research scientist in 2003.

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