Stakeholder Engagement Consultations

Our faculty and staff are available to meet with academic researchers and community members/organizations for consultations on a short-term or ongoing basis.

Assistance is available for all phases of research, and can include:

  • Connecting researchers and community members/organizations who share common research interests
  • Expertise in community-engaged research methods to help move health discoveries and evidence-based practices more quickly into real-world, clinical, and community-based settings
  • Resources related to best practices of community-engaged research, including measurements and tools
  • Guidance for identifying and engaging with a variety of communities in the development, implementation, and dissemination of research
  • Expertise in conducting research with Spanish-speaking populations, including advice on study protocol design, community outreach strategies, and language access
  • Review of grant proposals and budgets for community-engaged research
  • Technical assistance to investigators conducting community-engaged studies

Request a consultation with a member of CARES to join us in our efforts to engage communities, researchers, and health care providers in translational research at UNC-Chapel Hill and across the state of North Carolina.