Evidence Academies

CARES has co-sponsored and planned several Evidence Academies on multiple topics across the state. Past Evidence Academies include:

Hypertension Evidence Academy
Greenville, NC, December 12, 2014

The Evidence Academy on Hypertension (EA-HTN) was a one day regional conference that promoted awareness and application of new hypertension research findings, practice guidelines, and policies. The Academy hosted 110 attendees that included health professionals, community advocates, and academicians.

Attendees of the EA-HTN were invited to join the Action Learning Cohort (ALC), a group of diverse stakeholders whose goal was to translate innovations and knowledge garnered from the Academy into tools to improve practice.

Guided by EA-HTN recommendations and methods of action learning and systems thinking, the ALC developed the Empathy-Building Resource Guide. The guide is designed to provide healthcare professionals with useful resources that enhance their empathy skills and facilitate trusting and effective relationships with patients at risk for hypertension, needing treatment for hypertension, or managing hypertension.

HIV Prevention Evidence Academy
RTP, NC, February 2012

Tobacco and Lung Cancer Evidence Academies
Asheville and Wilmington, NC, November 2011

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Colorectal Cancer Evidence Academy
Waynesville, NC, March 2010

Breast Cancer Evidence Academy
Tarboro, NC, May 2010

For more information on past and future Evidence Academies, please request a consultation.