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Tue, 15 Aug 2017


We provide vouchers in the amount of $2,000 to assist clinical and translational researchers in implementing a proposed study of moving a research project forward by providing rapid access to funds that will support almost any aspect of promising and innovative research.

Translational researchers who seek to employ community engagement strategies in their research may use these funds to compensate health research stakeholders for their time in collaborating on translational research studies. Investigators may utilize the funds to compensate health research stakeholders whom NC TraCS has prepared for research collaboration or other health research stakeholders whom they have identified. Voucher payments will be issued directly to the health research stakeholders.

With the goal of facilitating health research stakeholder contributions to the design, implementation, dissemination, and evaluation of translational research, health research stakeholders may be compensated for a variety of activities, including the provision of direct logistical research support, the development and dissemination of research materials, and the design of recruitment and retention strategies for populations underrepresented in health research.

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